• Mobile Device Repair

    RTS Computers has been repairing mobile devices for the past 10 years. Repairs are normally done same day with 100% lifetime guarantee through the manufacturer

  • Telecommunication Sales

    Communication has always been an intracal part of any business and with emerging technology. RTS Computers is pleased to offer VOIP solutions through Star2Star, the leading manufacturer of cloud based solutions for telecommunications. Our personalized installation, setup and training offer a one stop solutions to leading technology through communication.

  • Sales

    RTS Computers offers a full line of computer products including Hewlett Packard, Toshiba, Microsoft, McAfee, Lenovo, Cisco, Watchguard, Samsung,
    Intel, IBM, Acer, Linksys and many more.  Let our team of professional sales staff sit down with you and fit your technology need to the right
    equipment to accomplish your objectives.

  • Computer Setup / Tune-up

    Installation and configuration of computer systems either connected or not to a network can be frustrating.  RTS Computers will setup, configure and
    install all needed software so the systems are ready for use.  Tune-ups are for those computers that have been in use for a time and need to be
    revamped into fresh new working computers with all the removed bagage computers may have picked up over time.  RTS Computers' first focus
    is preservation of data.  Before any work is preformed on the computer a backup of the date is made.

  • Computer & Periphial Repair

    Down time is wasted time and money.  Repair services are always a priority, RTS Computers focuses on repairing the equipment or software
    configurations with proficincy and confidence to maintain minimul down time.

  • Server Configuration & Installation

    The complexities of installing and configuring a server can take days for an unskilled technician and may cause issues after the system is up and
    running which causes down time for the server.  RTS Computers has the experiance for over 20 years of installing, configuring and setting up servers
    that have been running for over 10 years without issues.

  • Disastor Recovery Planning

    Disastor recovery is becoming more and more a focus for businesses.  The ability to have a plan in place when a minor or major disastor happens will
    always minimize down time.  RTS Computers will preform a complete evaluation of your system and processes and then will sit down with you to
    write a plan specific to your business to get your company back on track quickly and effectively.

  • Virus & Spyware Removal

    It's not always the protection you have that has allowed a virus or spyware to infect your computer.  Most of the time you don't even know it's
    happened until it's too late.  RTS Computers can preform a complex set of diagnostic programs on your system that will wipe out any threats that
    your computer may have picked up.

  • Networking

    RTS Computers has 25 years experience of structured cabling and is equipt to handle any network infrustructure need.  Wireless networks for office
    environments have become popular.  RTS Computers has the ability to create several types of wireless networks from Wireless Local Area
    Networks to Wireless Wide Area Networks.